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Under A-Rest By Paul Hedderman Reflections on the Twelve Steps

Paul Hedderman, founder of zenbitchslap.com and author of The Escape to Everywhere, speaks publicly about being rooted in non-duality, zen and recovery.

What we attempt to do here is share about what we are not.
You just see there is no relationship.
The whole how and why of recovery is to quit playing god.
Who are you buying off by all your doing? The god of your mind’s making.
I’m not looking for relief for self; I found relief from self.
There is no see-er that is seeing.
The best way out is to realize you were never in.

Hedderman believes there is nothing for a seeker to do except just stop being a self.

Purchase Under A-Rest an examination of the 12 Steps, AA, and the illusion of a separate self that fundamentally drives all addiction. By Paul Hedderman