A 5 Panel Drug Test Is the Most Common Of Drug Tests

The 5 panel drug test is fast, inexpensive, instant and on-site. The standard five panel drug screening urine test is the most commonly used drug test out there. It is used by private employers and government agencies such as the United States Department of Transportation.

It tests for the five most habitually abused street drugs, including AMP-Amphetamines, COC-Cocaine, BZO-Benzodiazepines, OPI-Opiates, THC-Marijuana.

Along with private employers and government agencies, courts, and concerned family members commonly use it too due to its low cost and wide accessibility. While the 5 panel is the most well known of all drug tests, it does not detect some of the commonly abused drugs of today, such as oxycontin, ecstasy, and Xanax; therefore, many employers and courts now opt for more comprehensive tests. Especially with the opioid pain pill crisis in the United States.

The five panel drug test is the nationwide standard for the Federal government’s Mandatory Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing, which is why it is used for the majority of workplace drug screenings.

The Department of Transportation requires their truck drivers to undergo a five panel urine drug test prior to employment and randomly throughout the year during their term of employment. DOT truck drivers are also required to submit to a 5 panel drug test after an accident, or if reasonable suspicion exists that a driver may be using illegal drugs.

5 panel drug urine dip tests detects the most commonly abused drugs. You get instant results in the privacy of your home or office. Each drug has its own clearly marked test strip. Buy The 5 Panel Urine Drug test on Amazon.