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Addiction is a brain disease that needs to be treated to alleviate suffering

In the big book of alcoholics anonymous it says alcoholics suffer from an obsession of the mind.

People that suffer from addiction do so because they have a mind that torments them.

drugs or alcohol is their medicine that provides temporary relief. Drugs and alcohol in the early stages aren’t the problem, they are the solution. It is an addicts thinking that is their problem. Take away an addicts drugs and their medicine is gone. And addict can refrain from drugs but they are the same people sober that they are drunk. They still have the same dysfunctional thinking.The only thing that will cure their disease is a spiritual experience.

An addicts thinking is so dysfunctional that they are constantly in conflict with people and situations. Everything is taken as a personal attack. People or situations aren’t the way they’d like them to be so addicts get upset and need relief. If people only behaved the way they are supposed to everything would be great. But what  happens they don’t and the addict gets resentful, self pitying, defiant, angry, and fearful.

Addiction is a brain disease that need to be treated daily just the same way that a diabetic needs insulin. If the addict doesn’t treat their disease of dysfunctional thinking they will suffer and not have any form of inner peace.

If an addict can come to believe that a power greater than themselves can take over their thoughts and actions they can temporarily treat the disease of addiction. Addicts are never cured of their mind disease all they have is a daily reprieve based upon the maintenance of their spiritual condition. They can have temporarily relief in the now if they let a power greater than themselves run the show.

Once the addict realizes they are powerless over people, places, and things, they can have inner peace. They can’t control how others behave or how certain situations turn out. Acceptance is the key.

addiction is a brain disease
Addiction is a brain disease. Addicts have a mind that torments them that can be treated with a spiritual experience of allowing a greater power to  take over their thoughts and actions.










Ernest Holmes does a great job of explaining this power greater than ourselves. If you are an addict or alcoholic you can take this power with you. You no longer have to run the show. You can allow this power to restore you to soundness of mind. You no longer have to suffer. The ego once you to defy this belief. One the ego is on the mind is closed. When the mind is open God is in control.

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