Getting Sober Alone – Bad Idea

Getting Sober Alone

An addicts chances of getting sober alone are slim and none. You might be able to white knuckle it for a while but the chances of remaining abstinent are very unlikely especially during the detox phase. The unpleasant feeling and the phenomenon of craving is very likely to make any addict give up.

Coming off of drugs especially heroin is a nightmare and needs to be done in a controlled environment. Make sure you go to a inpatient detox program before you go to rehab.

If you don’t have insurance and can’t afford detox go see a doctor. Tell the doctor you are detoxing off of drugs. The doctor generally will write you a prescription to make the withdrawal process easier.

getting sober alone






If you are detoxing off of opiates there are certain medications that are generally prescribed.

List of common opiate detox medications.

The thought of getting sober alone is part of your addict mentality.

The whole point of recovery and getting sober is to change and develop a new way of thinking and looking at life.

In order to remain sober, addicts need to start thinking and acting differently than they were when they were using. This is what many addicts fail to realize. They think all they need is to get off of the drugs.

When you first go into treatment, the goal is to get off of drugs, alcohol, etc.  After the cravings have subsided and the addict is starting to feel better they need to learn how to maintain their sobriety by changing their out look on life and their thought process.

When you try getting sober alone you have nobody there to support you which means you are listening to that negative voice in your head even more so. The disease of alcoholism will tell you don’t need help and that you can do it on your own. Getting sober is not a simple process, it takes a lot of work but it is so worth it. You can start a new life that is so much better than the hell of addiction.