The Power Of Now Summary

The Power Of Now Summary – From Author Eckhart Toole

The main premise of “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Toole is to disassociate yourself from the negative voice that you here inside your head because it isn’t the true you.

The ego is constantly trying to separate you from other people, places, situations whether it’s finding fault, passing judgement, getting irritated, fear of public ridicule. There is a negative voice inside all of our heads that is our greatest enemy. It tells us not to go to certain places or be around certain people because of preconceived ideas and fears. Just be receptive and analyze every thought that travels into your mind and see for yourself.

We have to be able to separate ourselves from this voice and become much more aware of what’s happening in the present moment.

Most thoughts are dysfunctional. The mind is an amazing tool but is often over used in a negative matter. By constantly living inside our minds and entertaining every thought that travels through our consciousness we are missing out on what is presently going on in life. We let ourselves get controlled by all these negative emotions like anger, fear, jealously, and the more we obsess on these things the worse things get.

Most addicts and alcoholics suffer from a disease of dysfunctional thinking and that is the reason why we act out in our addictions. The alcohol and drugs is the solution to quiet the negative mind function.

By reading “The Power Of Now” you will become a watcher of the thought instead of instantly identifying with it. When you begin to do this you develop a  new state of consciousness.

The “Power of Now” is a book that I highly recommend for anybody in recovery. Purchase The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


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