REHAB – Types Of Treatment For Addiction

Congratulations! you have surrendered and decided that your life is important to you and your loved ones. You now have the courage to follow a new path of joy and happiness


Happiness in sobriety


If you are an addict and are suffering you are not alone. Just know that although right now things may seem unbearable the feeling is only temporary and things will change.

There are millions just like you that have recovered and are now living a happy and joyous life sober.

Choosing The Right Treatment Program

Because every situation is unique, you need to consider which treatment program is right for you. You have to ask yourself the following question:

Can I commit to a long term inpatient program?

Can I only do outpatient because I have major responsibilities that I can’t put aside?

Will it be covered by my insurance?

Do I have to pay out of pocket?

According  to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,  90 day drug rehab programs  are recommended for long term sobriety. If you have obligations such as work or taking care of your kids which you absolutely can’t hold off on, then an outpatient treatment program is recommended. The chance of relapsing in the early stages of an outpatient program is greater. 30 day drug rehab programs rarely work. 90 day drug rehab programs are recommended.

Recovery is a long process that should not be rushed. Sometime 90 days isn’t enough. It could sometimes take up to year or more before the addict is ready to fully immerse themselves back into society.

Spend as much time as you can to work on yourself. Take the opportunity to discover the root cause behind your addiction. You may never get this opportunity again.

If you rush the process and are worried about getting back out there into society you’ll probably relapse. The world out there can wait for you, believe me.


Different Types Of Treatment


Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient is recommended as one of the best types of treatment for addiction because you receive 24-hour supervision. You have absolutely no distractions. Many inpatient rehabs don’t allow the patient to leave the facility in the early stages of treatment and only allow visitors on the weekends. It is also common to take the patients cell phone and computer so that they have absolutely no distractions in the early part of recovery.

You don’t have as much freedom in the early stages of an inpatient program but it’s for your own benefit. You need as little distractions as possible.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is designed so that you can continue daily tasks such as going to work, taking care of children, etc. It’s for those that can’t fully commit 100% to treatment because they have other obligations that they have to do.

Outpatient is usually 9am-12pm, Monday-Thursday. The rest of the week is off.  Outpatient is also more likely to be covered by insurance because it is less expensive.

The problem with outpatient treatment is that it is much riskier for relapsing in the early stages of treatment. Once your outpatient program is over for the day you have to go back out into the world which means more distractions and triggers to use drugs or alcohol. This makes it harder to focus on your recovery making it more prone to relapse.

Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehabs are typically in beautiful scenic places like Malibu, CA. The patients receive more individualized attention. Going to a luxury rehab sometimes almost feels like a vacation. They offer amenities not found at other rehabs like.

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Spa Treatments

Many insurance companies will cover some, if not all the costs of treatment.

Christian Rehab

The Meta psychical teachings of Jesus Christ are constantly used in recovery to help develop the right mind set. Jesus’s teachings consistently talk about inner peace and how to obtain it.

Bill Wilson, The Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was a member of the Oxford Group before he founded AA. The Oxford Group was a recovery program based on Christian Principles.

Bill Wilson was also reading “Sermon on the Mount” by Emmet Fox and attending Emmet Fox’s congregation in New York city before AA was founded.

If you have faith in Christianity then you’ll be able to embrace the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous


Getting Sober Alone

It is extremely unlikely that Getting sober alone will work.

Getting sober and maintaining emotional sobriety takes lots of therapy and work. You might be able to get off drugs cold turkey but you’ll be miserable.

Find the Rehab that’s right for you
Nothing is a better investment than yourself