Sober Coaching

A lot of people get the wrong impression with Sober Coaching.  It isn’t about enabling the addict. Keeping them from using and putting up with their dysfunctional behavior. That never works.

The only real way for a person to stay sober and be happy is to have an open mind and be willing to take direction from those with more experience.

The addict must be willing to:

Stay completely sober. This doesn’t mean quit doing drugs but drink time for time. Sober is Sober.

Go to meetings

Be willing to change, be honest, and open minded

Read spiritual literature

Be willing to do what they are told

The only way an addict will stay clean is with a change in character. Though an addict likes to play the victim role the problem is with them and once they accept that and realize that they are the problem and that they have a dysfunctional thought process change can happen.

If an addict is defiant and wont surrender nothing can be done about it. If you or a family member, or friend has really had it and is willing to take direction than sobriety and change can begin and the addict can have a new life that they’ve never dreamed of.

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