Suboxone Strips- My Introduction And Experience With Suboxone

When I detoxed off of opiate pain pills in the past I was prescribed Clonidine and Naltrexone to help with the withdrawals.

Clonidine is a drug that lowers your blood pressure and is used in detoxing off of opiates because it calms you down and makes you feel relaxed. Clonodine made me feel very drowsy and I had to take a nap everyday while I was on it. I didn’t like feeling drowsy all day especially since I drive a lot and have to work so I stopped taking it.

Naltrexone is the other drug I was prescribed. It decreases the cravings for opiates and it’s also used for alcohol abuse. If you take Naltrexone you will not get high if you consume opiates making doing them pointless. It give you a psychological edge over using and obsessing over opiates because what is the point if you can’t feel them.

So now I’m on my third detox off of opiates and I was thinking about Suboxone. I had heard about Suboxone over the years and was looking to still feel the effects of opiates mildly while I was weening off of them. It has an opiate in it called Buprenorphine and Naloxone which is a opiate antagonist similar to Naltrexone. Many opiate addicts take Suboxone to make the opiate detox more bearable . It is a class three controlled substance.

As I was doing research on Suboxone, I noticed there was a section on the Suboxone website where you could find doctors in your area. That put opiate addicts on Suboxone treatment.

I found a local doctor and went over there for a consultation on Suboxone treatment. After all was said and done the doctor prescribes thirty Suboxone strips to me. The consultation fee was $350 which I felt was too expensive. If I had known it was going to cost that much I probably wouldn’t have gone.

The doctor prescribed 30 Suboxone Strips to me. The doctors instructions were to take half a film everyday and that the effects lasted for 24-36 hours. I was able to get 15 films with a copay of $48 at the pharmacy. If I had wanted all thirty strips at the time it was prescribed to me it would have cost $248 since my insurance wouldn’t of covered any of it.


Suboxone Film
Suboxone Package










When you open the package there is a small film inside that you put under your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. It doesn’t all dissolve in its entirety and I end up swallowing some down my throat. It has a very nasty after taste.

The doctor told me I’d feel it after thirty minutes of putting it under my tongue but I haven’t really noticed any difference in how I’ve felt since I’ve been taking it. I have not felt any kind of opiate high from Suboxone but the cravings to use opiates has dwindled. I haven’t consumed any opiates since I’ve been on Suboxone.


Suboxone strips placed under the tongue
Suboxone strips placed under the tongue










Suboxone Side Effects

The side effects from Suboxone are similar to opiate pain medication. The side effects for me have consisted of constipation, headaches, and a decrease in sex drive.

Suboxone Constipation

After five days of being on suboxone I haven’t had to take a bowel movement. I was concerned about this so I forced myself on the six day to defecate. I was able to defecate but it wasn’t easy. I really had to push to get it out and when I did lots of fecal matter came out. It was the same struggle to move my bowels as it was on opiate pain pills.

The main side effect I’ve encountered on Suboxone is trouble urinating. It has gotten better since the beginning but it has been difficult to urinate since I’ve been on it. Some of the main problems with urinating on Suboxone have been:

  1. Waking up in the middle of the night to urinate
  2. Urinating more frequently than usual
  3. Waiting a long time at the toilet for the urine to come out

I’ve been standing over the toilet trying to urinate and nothing has been coming out at first. Sometimes I’d be standing there for at least twenty minutes before I was able to urinate. It has been getting better but it’s been hard to go. I’ve had to run the faucet or sit down on the toilet to help.


I’ve also noticed that I’ve been getting headaches more frequently while using Suboxone. The headaches are mild and I’ve been treating them with Tylenol

Suboxone Sexual Side Effects

I have had absolutely no sexual desire while on Suboxone. I had the same problem on opiate prescription pain pills. I saw a urologist because of my decreased sex drive on opiates and he put me on a testosterone treatment where I would come into the doctors office every week and get a shoot of testosterone. It didn’t really work.

When I was completely clean and sober my sex drive came back. I was waking up with an erection and was getting erections much more frequently. My desire to have sex also came back but when I’m on opiate pain pills or Suboxone all sexual desire goes away.

Does Suboxone Get You High?

I really don’t like all the side effects I’ve been getting on Suboxone, especially the sexual dysfunction and want to get off it pretty soon. If you are looking to substitute Suboxone strips for another opiate to get high you’ll be disappointed.

In my case I haven’t received any kind of opiate high from Suboxone and it shouldn’t be used for that anyway because then the Suboxone could become addicting. If you are looking to get high off Suboxone you are just wasting your time. With the money I’ve spent at the doctor and the side effects, using Suboxone hasn’t been worth it for me. The experience has been disappointing One positive thing I can say is that I haven’t used any opiates since I’ve been on it and don’t plan to. I hope I am now able to stay clean and sober.

written by a anonymous source