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Psychic Change – Living in Peace By Doing the God’s Will

Addiction is a disease of extreme self centeredness. The addict is always pointing the finger at everybody else not aware that they are the problem.

The ego and the mental disease of alcoholism are constantly entering the mental state with dysfunctional thoughts such as resentment, finding fault in others, judging, anger, fear, inpatience, self pity, self delusion, etc. The ego function lives in the past and the future and is in denial of the present moment. You will begin to notice that most dysfunctional thoughts are fear based. Addicts live in fear.

We addicts have created a false sense of identity by believing all our thoughts are actually ours. When you realize they are not your thoughts you can be free from them. You no longer have to live in this false identity and can be free of it. You can begin to have a different perception of reality.

We have to watch our thought stream and when the ego projects a negative thought we have to repudiate it. This is what works for me. I’m fully aware of my thought stream. I don’t entertain negativity. The mind is a tool just like the body. When it isn’t being used it should be set aside. Watch the thoughts and you’ll see that most of them are dysfunctional and not constructive.

We have to be fully immersed in the present moment which is all we really have. When the ego begins to project negative thoughts into your mental state begin to concentrate harder on the present moment. Pay closer attention to your surroundings. Notice the trees, the birds, the sky. Stare in wonder and awe of all creation. Appreciate how amazing everything is. It’s all about shifting your mindset.

By shutting self centeredness out we can begin to think of and help others. You actually get a spiritual high making a difference in someones life. Give thanks and gratitude to God for being. You’ll no longer feel that you need and external possession like a new home or car to fix you. Being at peace is an inside job.

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