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Humaniplex is still up but Johns and Escorts are running out of options

Prostitution had been very popular on the internet for a long time and it seems that Humaniplex is the only major escort review site still live that connects Escort with Johns.

Several sites like the erotic review and myredbook provided reviews where Johns could read about other Johns experiences with Prostitutes. After Backpage was shut down by FOSTA which Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, other major escort sites like Cityvibe have been shut down and the Erotic Review one of the biggest escort review sites in the world is no longer available in the United States.

The Erotic Review and My Red Book Provided Safety For Both Escorts and Johns

Internet prostitution over the years became very popular especially with Craigslist because it is a much safer outlet than soliciting a prostitute on the street or in public for a number of reasons.

These escort review sites were a platform where Johns could share their experiences with escorts in a public forum. Information such as the looks and the level of service provided by a particular escort were available.

By reading past reviews of other Johns or hobbyists as they liked to be called, A John could get an idea of how the Escort looked, The level of service they provided, and if the situation was safe or not and vice versa for the escort.

Escorts That Require References

Johns that have written a lot of reviews and have been whore mongering for a while know a network of prostitutes that will vouch for them in the same way a John vouches for a prostitute. The more high end Escorts ask the John for references of other escorts they’ve been with so they know and feel confident that the John is safe and is not a cop. With the lack of screening on both ends many Johns are upping their erotic massage parlor visits.

Prostitutes that require references are more the type that actually do this for a living full time, have real pictures, and ask for more money than escorts on backpage.

Escorts Now Soliciting on Dating Sites

popular dating websites like plenty of fish and okcupid have become a breeding ground where escorts and strippers are looking for clients. Let’s face it, most of the guys on dating sites are looking for sex and sex workers know that.

The sex worker will create a profile as a single lady looking to make a connection for a date. Once a guy contacts them they flip the script and ask them to come to the club where they strip or offer them sex for money. Escorts now are looking for alternative methods of soliciting Johns with all these major escort websites shutting down.

Escort Sites Still Live Where escorts advertise

Other than Humaniplex, there are still some major escort sites still up but they will probably be shut down soon or at least shut down in the United States soon due to FOSTA. Websites like  That Mall, Erotic Monkey, and Eros are still active.

Are You A Sex Addict Addicted To Prostitues?

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