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Warning Signs That You Are In A Happy Ending Massage Parlor

Happy Ending Massage parlors are running rampant across every major city. Sex addicts should stay away from all massage parlors period, in early sobriety.

Are you a sex addict looking for a legitimate massage and not a massage with happy ending? Here are some warning signs to determine if you are in a happy ending massage parlor or not.

They’ll ask you if you’ve been there before

If the masseuse asks you if you’ve been there before and you say yes, this gives a signal to the masseuse that she will feel more comfortable asking you if you want a message with happy ending. They will also try and make small talk with you and ask you questions like “No work today?” these are just typical questions a erotic massage masseuse will ask.

There is a fake flower and a pair of boxer shorts on the massage table

The fake flower is very tacky and legitimate massage parlors rarely display them. As you enter the establishment and pay, the Mamasan will direct you to a room with a number on it. Generally, there is a pair of boxer shorts and a fake flower on top of a towel. Dim the lights or turn on the fan if you need to.

Set the fake flower to the side. Put the boxer shorts on. Lay down, and wait for the masseuse. Johns will not put on the boxer shorts and lay naked under the towel. This is a sign to the masseuse that the John wants a rub and tug.

The reviews are on an adult entertainment website and not on yelp

Checking reviews will help you determine whether the massage establishment is legitimate or not. Obviously, if the massage parlor is listed on a site called rubmaps, that should be a clear warning sign that it is a happy ending massage parlor. Google the phone number and see what comes up.

Look for reviews by women

If there are reviews by women than it is very unlikely that the massage parlor is a rub and tug. Only men get erotic massage. Women never do. A women can have sex whenever they want. Another sign the massage is legal is if they mention in their review that they went with their significant other.

They start doing a prostate massage

A legitimate masseuse would never do this. An erotic massage will often consist of a masseuse gliding their hand in the region between the anus and testicles.

As the masseuse performs this erotic massage a john will lift up his legs and put their wait on their elbows and knees so the masseuse has access to their genitals. The masseuse will then reach further in and start rubbing the genitals.

After this is done for a short period of time, the masseuse will tell the John to turn over and start the negotiation for erotic massage.

They are not dressed professionally

If the masseuse is wearing a lot of makeup and a dress then it’s probably a rub and tug. A professional masseuse would be wearing a uniform.

There is a tray full of candy

Rub and tug massage parlors usually have a tray full of candy. This is a common characteristic to watch out for.

Report Human Trafficking

Do you feel you may have a sex addiction? Contact Sex Addicts Anonymous and look for local meeting in your area. Sober coaching is also available.