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Addicted to prostitutes – Addicts may transfer one addiction to another

Some alcoholics that get sober will transfer their disease to another addiction like sex, food, or gambling. They justify their new addiction in their heads due to the fact that they aren’t using drugs and alcohol and they need at least something to check out.

What happens is some alcoholics get “dry” meaning the they put the plug in the jug but they haven’t had a change of character and they don’t work the twelve steps. They don’t live their lives on a spiritual path and still have the same old dysfunctional behavior. Sex addiction like pornography can get way out of hand like drug and alcohol abuse, the consequences could easily get worse.

Do prostitutes enjoy sex?

I highly doubt that any prostitute enjoys selling their body for sex. Most prostitutes in the United States are doing it either because they are a drug addict or someone is forcing them to do it.

Prostitutes in third world countries do it more so do to poverty and men from the United States go over to these poor countries and exploit that. Sex tourism is popular among men in places like Thailand, The Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

Where do sex addicts find prostitutes?

Prostitutes are mainly found online on sites like the erotic review, backpage, cityvibe, and humaniplex. The biggest one out there is the erotic review. My red book was another big escort review site but that one got shut down. Backpage was forced to shut down their erotic services section but all the prostitutes moved over to the women seeking men section and are still advertising and doing the exact same thing that got the erotic services section shut down.

Many of these web sites have reviews on prostitutes that potential clients can read. Going to see a prostitute can be dangerous. Someone could be waiting in the closet and jump out and rob a John or the prostitute could be an under cover cop. That’s why these internet review sites have grown so much in popularity. These Johns feel more comfortable seeing a prostitute with good reviews because they feel that they’ll be safe and not get ripped off or get arrested.

They also can read about the prostitute’s performance and if their pictures are accurate. They have a better idea of knowing what kind of situation they are getting into.

Scouring the internet shopping for prostitutes can be an addiction in itself like watching pornography and can take up a lot of time. It’s a way to check out from reality just like drinking or doing drugs.

It’s not only the act of having the sex that is appealing to the sex addict but actually going to see and have sex with a complete stranger can get the adrenaline pumping. Just like with drugs. It’s not only the act of doing the drugs but going to get them in a seedy neighborhood and possibly getting ripped off. It’s the dangerous act around actually doing the intended act.

Stopping sex addiction

stopping sex addiction is like stopping any other addiction like drugs or alcohol. You first have to admit that you have a problem and that your life is unmanageable. Then you need to get help. If you decide to get help and start to experience a change in character you will no longer be interested in just the animalistic act of sex with a prostitute and will instead desire to have a meaningful relationship. This is what happens when addicts start to grow spiritually, they change.

You will need help and you could use the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and apply it to sex addiction. Just switch the word alcohol for sex. Most programs use the twelve steps but there are other programs out there that are more like group therapy and don’t come from a spiritual perspective. Any real addict needs help from a power greater than themselves because their mind is warped and they can’t do it on their own.

Reach out for help, get a sponsor, start going to meetings. A real addict can’t do it on their own and live a happy and joyous life. There are also plenty of books out there to help you on your journey other than the big book. Check out Sex Addicts Anonymous: 3rd Edition Conference Approved. There are plenty of different books on Amazon. These are meant to be suggestions.