Understanding Addiction – A Look Into The Mind of a Drug Addict

Understanding Addiction

The Mind of a Drug Addict

Addiction consists of a mental and physical dependency on a substance, activity, or thing. When the disease of addiction is on, addicts rarely consider the consequences. All they care about is the next fix. Addicts are suffering and they need their relief. They have a mind that torments them.

Addicts are irritable, restless, and discontent

They also suffer from an infantile ego where they can’t tolerate discomfort. They are inpatient and always in a hurry. They are self centered in nature. Addicts just mainly think about themselves.

Understanding Addiction
The mind of a drug addict is driven by a hundred forms of fear.

Most addicts suffer either depression or anxiety when in their addictive disease. The drugs and alcohol are used to self medicate.

There are several prescription drugs out there on the market that can help alleviate these symptoms. If you are an addict that is suffering you need to see a psychiatrist. A doctor can prescribe to you an alternative medication instead of self medicating in your addiction.

There is no “magic pill” to just stop doing drugs, and then to live happily ever after. You cannot simply “cure” your addiction. Getting sober requires courage, willingness, honesty, and an open mind. The addict going into treatment must come with these characteristics in place in order to experience a psychic change.

Different Types of Addictions

The most common addictions include:

  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Sex Addiction

The Mind of a Drug Addict

Genetic and environmental factors can generally play a part in becoming and addict but addiction is primarily caused by dysfunctional & toxic thinking.

Addicts get easily irritated and annoyed. They are negative over thinkers. They negatively self talk and are sensitive people. They are angry fear driven people, often putting others down to make themselves feel grandiose.

Some addicts try to stop drug addiction on their own and the chances are nil. Stopping the addiction is the first part. The second part is changing your character.

Many addicts don’t realize that once they get off drugs they are still unhappy because they stop working on themselves. Addiction is a disease just like Cancer, it’s something you have to treat. If you have Cancer you see a doctor and get chemotherapy.

The same with treating the disease of alcoholism. You need to get a sponsor and regularly attend meetings and work the twelve steps. If you can open your mind and be humble and willing you can create a life that you never dreamed of.

However, if you remain grandiose and defiant you’ll never have a psychic change and you’ll eventually relapse because you wont be able to deal with life on life’s terms.

They are the same people drunk as they are sober. Addicts that have the same dysfunctional thinking sober are called “dry drunks.” The no longer feed their addictions but they still have the same dysfunctional thinking.

It is common for an alcoholic or drug addict to switch their addictions to sex, food, or gambling, especially fast food (late night food you eat when you are drunk.)